TraksUS is far more than a GPS tracking system. We provide a full set of telematics and driving reports, including vehicle maintenance, alerts, real-time traffic and more.


Tracking and Telematic solutions for every budget…

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Fleet Tracking – Efficient and Reliable…

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Take fleet management to a new level with Satellite fleet tracking from TraksUS™. Improve driver safety, route vehicles more efficiently, and get all the data you need to manage your fleet more effectively, right at your fingertips.
GPS fleet tracking also helps customers amplify their fuel economy, increase safety and security, and achieve a more efficient work flow, while reducing theft and unauthorized use.

Family Safety Starts with TraksUS™…

At TraksUS™, we know when it comes to your family, safety is your number one priority. Keep them safe and be informed with a car tracking device from TraksUS™. With ease and convenience, a TraksUS™ car tracking device and mobile GPS tracking app lets you rest assure that you’ll know where everyone is, at all times. Whether there’s a new driver in the household or an elderly family member, TraksUS™gives you the data you need and peace of mind you deserve.

Solar GPS Tracker, Lasting & Dependable

Cutting edge technology is featured here at TraksUS™.  For example, our solar powered asset tracking devices, like the TraksUS™-4860. Our solidly designed, in house GPS tracking software brings you an unprecedented level of asset protection. The logistics and management tools are designed to make implementation effortless and your job easier. No wires, no batteries to recharge, completely self-contained.

Track Anything, Any Time, Anywhere…

With the free TraksUS™ phone app for Android and iPhone allows you accurate GPS tracking, so you can track anything or anyone, anywhere, at any time. With a GPS vehicle tracking system from TraksUS™, you can track your company or family vehicles 24 hours a day. Tap in to the many powerful features from your phone or mobile device and to have the peace of mind you deserve. TraksUS™ GPS vehicle tracking is the best way for tracking cars, trucks and assets!

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