gps tracking teens

Auto accidents are the #1 cause
of death among teens age 16-20
The National Highway Safety Administration

Is it about trust, or is it about caring for your child’s safety? It’s probably a little of both.

GPS vehicle trackers are invaluable tools for monitoring your family’s car. With our GPS vehicle tracking system, you can quickly and easily access detailed vehicle information through our custom developed GPS Tracking app. We offer a variety of GPS tracking devices designed to help you know where your family member is, and how fast they have been going. It also helps in maintaining your vehicles, to avoid safety issues or unexpected vehicle break downs. Adding a GPS vehicle tracking system to your vehicle has countless advantages. Safety and diagnostics, fuel management and real time monitoring are just a few.

Tracking devices for cars from TraksUS™

Keeping a close eye on your teen can become more difficult as they grow and begin to do more activities, independently of you. Thanks to our inexpensive, high performance auto tracking device, you’ll know where your loved ones are at any given time, providing real-time visibility of your teen.

TraksUS™ GPS tracking systems can help!

Auto accidents are the number one killer of teens. Over 5,000 teens die every year in auto accidents. Teens account for 14% of all motor vehicle accident deaths. Over 5,200 teens died in motor vehicle accidents in 2005 in the U.S. and vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teens. This accounts for over one-third of all deaths of 16 to 19 year-olds. When they know you are keeping an eye on them, they are less likely to do what teens do. Use speed as a thrill and showing off to their friends.

Even teens that normally obey the rules can be easily distracted or encouraged to take risks without constant monitoring. Statistics show that most fatal injuries occurred with young drivers that did not have prior traffic tickets or crashes on their records. Teens usually make their better decisions under supervision or while they are monitored with a GPS car tracking device.