Here are just a few of the benefits that TraksUS™ Solar GPS trackers offer.

Our self-powered asset trackers provide a secure, tamper-resistant solution for trailers, cargo containers, generators, compressors, tanks, and other non powered equipment. No wiring of any kind is required.

Protects your investment in high-value equipment automatically, 24 hours per day. Alerts you if assets are tampered with during specified hours and / or conditions.

Alerts you and other designated persons (via Text or Email) if a device moves from a specified location or zone. Perfect for deterring theft and vandalism. All DTS tracking units include motion sensitive monitors and alerts.

Share Map with Customers / Clients – allows them to view the asset(s), and plan accordingly.

Alert system allows multiple recipients, via SMS (Text Message) and / or email.

The best self-contained tracker on the market! A tamper-proof, totally self-contained device for tracking and protecting High Value assets. No external power or wiring needed.

Works from collected solar energy to track assets or vehicles 24 hours a day, every day. Designed to protect Heavy Equipment, Trailers, Cargo Containers and other non-powered assets.

Needs only a bit of light to operate continuously.

Updates status twice per hour! Wakes up and begins tracking if movement or tampering is detected.

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