A GPS asset tracking device from TraksUS™ offers a proactive approach to the protection of assets and instant access to their location. Statistics which are vital for valuable business and personal assets are available to you instantly, any time of the day.

With a GPS asset tracking device from TraksUS™, you are able to obtain the information that you need, when it’s needed. At TraksUS™, we manufacture small tracking devices that feature prolonged battery lives and hardwired capabilities, perfect for 24 x 7 monitoring. If your assets are moved or tampered with your will be alerted by email and or text.

The professionals at TraksUS™ can help when you’re making the decision on what GPS asset tracking device is right for you and your business. There has been an increase in the technological sophistication of monitoring apparatus, and a wide variety of products on the market. The software engineers at TraksUS™ have designed products that are easy to use, and that have options you may need.

The Benefits of a GPS Asset Tracking Device

  • The accuracy of preventive maintenance is improved, which helps avoid under or over servicing of equipment.
  • Helps obtain data that is needed for monitoring, maintenance, and scheduling of appointments and deliveries.
  • Gaining visibility to the unauthorized use of company equipment.
  • Tracking equipment for prolonged periods of up to 5 months without a direct supply of power.
  • Receive alerts for unauthorized movement, which is triggered by built-in motion sensors.
  • Gain better efficiency and savings through operating expenses that are reduced, and asset deployment that is more efficient.

How you can Save Money with a GPS Asset Tracking Device

  1. Requires no additional purchase of equipment.

You are able to use all the valuable features that come with a GPS asset tracking device after installing it, without having to buy any other tools or supporting equipment. GPS asset tracking devices grant you capabilities of tracking, without having to spend additional money.

  1. Reduces loss due to theft.

By installing a GPS asset tracking device from TraksUS™, you have instant access to your valuables, even when you are not on site. This allows you to monitor their safety and takes proper action if the alarm gets activated, alerting you instantly.

  1. Assists with asset recovery.

If an asset was moved without your knowledge or authorization, the GPS asset tracking device will instantly give you the location, which can be used by the relevant authorities in the recovery of the property before it gets sold.

  1. Reduced insurance costs.

When you take steps for the protection of your asset by installing a GPS asset tracking device, the expenses incurred in insurance will be reduced due to your proactive vigilance in the protection of your property. And some insurance providers offer nice discounts for having a GPS tracking device.

  1. Straightforward and Easy to Install

Installation of a GPS asset tracking device is relatively simple without any complicated procedures. The plugin device usually take less then 1 minute. And the wired devices should take less then 30 minutes to install. TraksUS™ devices are durable, weather resistant, accurate,and lightweight. Our monitoring device is always user-friendly.

  1. Other features which include;
  2. Real-time alerts for speed and zone violations, unnecessary idling, and start and stop reporting.
  3. Team management
  4. Organize fleet vehicles by group
  5. Maintenance record logs
  6. Search for closest driver
  7. Route optimization
  8. Easy dispatch

Functions of TraksUS™ GPS Asset Tracking Devices

With a GPS asset tracking device, you are able to monitor and access your fleet anytime, anywhere, day or night. With our system, you get Real-time alerts for asset location, zone violations, start and stop reporting and much more!

Software capabilities

Team management, organize cars by groups, record maintenance logs, search for the closest driver, route optimization, dispatching and shared vendor.


TraksUS™ is weather resistant and lightweight.


When using a GPS asset tracking device to track assets by an individual or a company, information on the location can be obtained at all times. In other words, these devices can be substantially relied upon for assets to reach their desired destination by the date that they are due. If an error does occur, it can be corrected in no time. These devices also save companies and individuals considerable amounts of money, due to the benefits they offer.