Satellite Fleet TrackingSatellite fleet tracking takes fleet management to a new level. Improve driver safety. Route vehicles more efficiently. Get all the data you need to manage your fleet more effectively right at your fingertips.

TraksUS™ offers the very latest in satellite fleet tracking devices for you companies fleet tracking needs.

TraksUS™ fleet tracking app also helps customers amplify their fuel economy, increase safety and security, and achieve more efficient work flow, while reducing theft and unauthorized use.

TraksUS ™ is owned and operated by architectural  experts and trained software engineers. Our code writing ability and software development secrets makes our system function more efficient. This is how we maintains the highest standards at the lowest prices. We write our own software, build our own systems and maintain an in house team of savvy experienced developers.

TraksUS ™ makes fleet management and tracking, simple and efficient. With our commercial proprietary platform and state of the art 3G vehicle tracking devices along with our easy to use mobile GPS tracking app , you can track your people and vehicles from any location, with the knowledge your getting accurate and reliable tracking.

Fleet of cranes


The benefits of GPS asset tracking are valuable and results are usually seen immediately. Larger profits begin with greater efficiency.

# Improve fleet performance.

# Streamline dispatch, routing and driver activity, eliminating unsafe driver behavior.

# Reduce fuel idling and usage.

# Identify fuel wasters such as excessive idling and speeding.

# Increase driver safety.

# Get real time alerts for unsafe behavior and the ability to locate vehicles if there is a breakdown.

# Better service delivery.

# Provide your customers with accurate ETA’s and efficiently dispatch the right vehicle, cutting down on wasted time between jobs, for better customer relations.