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data-centerTraksUS™ offers low prices and five star service by writing our own software, building our own systems, and maintaining an in-house team of savvy, experienced developers. This also allows us to be nimble – if you need a custom solution, we can build it. It’s ours – and we can make it yours!

TraksUS™ is owned and operated by NASA trained software architects and engineers.  Our code writing ability and software development secrets makes our system function more efficient.

Do you know that the ISS space station operates on computers with 1990 technology?  Yet more efficient than the largest and current computers . . . The reason for this is because of the specific and genius software code writing.  The system that operates the TraksUS™ gps tracking platform was designed using the same knowledge learned from designing the software that runs the ISS space station.

We rarely hear “TraksUS we have a problem”.  But when we do our U.S. based technicians are here for you, to communicate and immediately correct the problem.

We are proud to bring the technology and expertise to the public that you wouldn’t see unless you were with a Defense contractor or NASA.

At TraksUS™, we do things right.  Our mission is to provide the best gps tracking system in the world.  Saving lives, saving property and saving money are by-products of doing things right.

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