Nexstar information and order page.

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Be first on the scene and arrive safely with GPS trackers from TraksUS™


Improve news team performance.

Find closest news team easily.

All Nexstar stations receive our deep discount, $14.50 per unit.

Custom reports.

Live customer support.

We tailor our system to accommodate your current system.

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Find the closest news team.
Easy to use dashboard
Increased productivity
Less paperwork
On-board diagnostics
Organize cars by groups
Maintenance record logs

Lower insurance and fuel costs
Better planning tools
Improve news team performance
Search for closest driver
Route optimization
Live customer service

3 month history playback
Fewer speeding tickets
Fast friendly customer service
Improved cost control
Fleet driver stats
Enhanced news team Security
Shared routing link

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Ask about our Solar devices for trailers, cargo containers and other non-powered assets.