TraksUS™ offers the best in GPS vehicle tracking devices and software to track anything, any time, anywhere…

We develop and maintain our own software platform. Our staff are experts at managing “Big Data”, and remote (cloud) databases. Our U.S. based customer service representatives will always give you a timely response, and will never leave you without an answer. We believe in excellent customer service. Reliable, easy to install and use tracking devices for vehicles of all types. Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and planes. View anywhere in USA and Canada with our Phone app.

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Proactive parents with teen safety in mind

Teenagers are at the time of  their life in which they know it all, and are less inclined to follow your rules, advice or wisdom.  Teenagers want a certain amount of freedom, and they want  to engage in activities that make them feel independent. Read more..

Do you know where your parents are?

Sometimes the aging parent has to travel alone. They often forget the way to their destination or are not watching their speed. Using a vehicle tracking system from TraksUs™, you will become more aware of what your parents driving habits are.  Read more..

Full featured GPS tracking for Fleets of all sizes

Custom Reports to see what you need when you need. Includes daily, weekly and monthly summary reports for mileage, stops, alerts, dispatches and other detailed information. Provides maintenance and usage monitoring, including driving habits Read more..

{Some of our most popular features}
Great customer service.
Easy to use dashboard.
Real time alerts via text or email.
Driver’s Scorecard with visual charts.
Easy ‘No-Go’ Zones and Regions.
Speed Monitoring, Acceleration and Braking Alerts.
Driving Logs and Mileage Reports – Where, When and How Long.
Vehicle ignition / Movement Alerts.
Monitor on  your computer or free Android Or iPhone app.
Vehicle Health Monitoring (Oil Changes, RPM, MPG and more).
Include reports and alerts to encourage safe driving habits
Includes daily, weekly and monthly summary reports for mileage, stops, dispatches, alerts and other detailed information.
Custom Reports

Traksus builds GPS trackers and GPS Tracking Systems that track vehicles of all types. Cars, trucks, motorcycle, boats, planes, trains, trailers, containers and almost any asset you have we have a trackers for it. And if you have a small fleet of vehicles (2 or more) or large fleet of vehicles (more then 10) that need a GPS tracker, our rugged GPS vehicle tracking devices are  dependable, accurate and easy to use. And we offer BIG volume discounts.

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