Individuals & Families

  • Safety • Security • Peace of Mind

    • Monitor vehicles and children from your phone, tablet or desktop
    • Drivers report card
    • Track anyone, anywhere, anytime

DTS TraksUS™ specializes in GPS tracking systems for fleet management including your own small family fleet. From your new teenager driver to your elderly parents- TraksUS™ can help keep your family safe on the road.

Our GPS devices include reports and alerts to encourage safe driving habits…

  • Driving Logs and Mileage Reports – Where, When and How Long
  • Speed Monitoring, Acceleration and Braking Alerts
  • Driver’s Scorecard (online charts)
  • Easy ‘No-Go’ Zones and Regions
  • Off-limit Location Alerts
  • Vehicle Ignition / Movement Alerts
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring (Oil Changes, RPM, MPG and more)
  • On-board diagnostics- know the problem & tell your mechanic
  • 6 month history play back
  • Monitor vehicles from the convenience of your phone or mobile device
  • Track anyone, anywhere, anytime with our vehicle tracking and fleet management mobile application.

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