PLAN A – $39.95 Hardware

Near real-time 5-60 second updates while moving. No contract or commitments of any kind. You own the hardware. You’ll enjoy the best service, our full-featured web app and phone apps, always at the lowest prices ($15.49 per month or less) along with our free, world class customer service. Pay only for the device and the first month’s service, and we’ll do the rest – including activation. Just plug in the device, and begin tracking! Contact us about Fleet Discounts.

PLAN B – $0 Hardware With 1 Year Service Agreement

Pay first and last month’s service, then pay only $15.49 per month for 12 months, and we’ll include our top of the line tracker at no charge.** At the end of 12 months you own the device with no additional commitments or contracts. You’ll get the best GPS hardware / software tracking solution, guaranteed. Contact us about additional Fleet Discounts.

* All DTS / TraksUS™ plans include our award-winning, full-featured Web Map / Tracking Application , and our awesome iPhone and/or Android Phone Tracking Apps – at no additional cost. Also includes unlimited on-demand reports, 6-month history and much more. Purchase online or call for a demo today!

** These plans apply to TRS-2160 and TRS-2060 3G devices only. Similar plans are available for higher-priced or self-powered units.  Limit 3 per customer, while supplies last.  Limited time offer.