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We understand that this technology is new to your industry and may be confusing. Be assured we are here to help you understand how a  TraksUS™ fleet management system can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase safety.

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Control Your Assets!

Managing a large complex?  TraksUS™ makes it easy to stay informed and up to date with the location, speed, and maintenance of all vehicles and non powered assets under your supervision. Golf carts, cars, trucks, buses or any other type of vehicle. Also other assets like containers, mowers, power and electrical equipment.

Know where your company vehicles and other assets are located in “real time”. Know how they’re being driven, and monitor vehicle health with the TraksUS™ OBD maintenance analyzer.

Locate “in house” personnel, such as maintenance teams, pest control, landscapers and any of the various vendors and employees that may be on your property.  Know where they are while on duty, and where they’ve been. Help keep them safe and improve work efficiency at the same time with TraksUS™.

The TraksUS™ phone App gives you quick and accurate locations of your employees and vendors, allowing you to quickly create and assign tasks to team members while on the go.

TraksUS™ is much more than a GPS tracking system.  We provide a full set of telematics and driving reports including vehicle maintenance, driving alerts, real-time traffic incidents … and more.

TraksUS™ provides Named Location matching (customer locations), SMS/Email messaging, and dispatch routing assistance.  This makes tracking your agents as simple as clicking a name. Dispatching agents for appointments is now a one step process by clicking a driver name, or clicking a location on the map to immediately identify the nearest agent.

TraksUS™ also provides Zone and vehicle management alerts (Ignition On, Speeding, Zone Violations, etc) that keep you informed about the state and location of every vehicle in your fleet. These features will reduce your workload and eliminate billing discrepancies while saving you valuable time. TraksUS™ gives you the information you need to manage your fleet more effectively, with less effort – while eliminating guesswork and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Proactive parents with teen safety in mind

Teenagers are at the time of  their life in which they know it all, and are less inclined to follow your rules, advice or wisdom.  Teenagers want a certain amount of freedom, and they want  to engage in activities that make them feel independent. Read more..

Do you know where your parents are?

Sometimes the aging parent has to travel alone. They often forget the way to their destination or are not watching their speed. Using a vehicle tracking system from TraksUS™, you will become more aware of what your parents driving habits are.  Read more..

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{Some of our most popular features}
Great customer service.
Easy to use dashboard.
Real time alerts via text or email.
Driver’s Scorecard with visual charts.
Easy ‘No-Go’ Zones and Regions.
Speed Monitoring, Acceleration and Braking Alerts.
Driving Logs and Mileage Reports – Where, When, and How Long.
Vehicle ignition and movement alerts.
Monitor on  your computer or free Android Or iPhone app.
Vehicle Health Monitoring (Oil Changes, RPM, MPG and more).
Include reports and alerts to encourage safe driving habits.
Includes daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports for mileage, stops, dispatches, alerts, and other detailed information.
Built in and Custom Reports.

TraksUS™ builds and provides GPS trackers and GPS Tracking Systems that monitor vehicles of all types. Cars, trucks, motorcycle, boats, planes, trains, trailers, containers, and almost any other asset you may have, we have a way to track it. Whether your fleet is small or large, our rugged GPS vehicle tracking devices are dependable, accurate, and easy to use.

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