old-1Why a GPS tracker for your aging parents?

A short trip to the convenience store, or a longer trek to a vacation destination , a GPS tracker for your aging parent takes the worry out of the journey for both of you.

As a person gets older, he or she starts losing energy, vision and judgment. They sometimes need the help of others. Children of aging parents have options about their parents driving. It is not always possible to stay beside them and assist them driving.

TraksUS™ best selling GPS tracking device is a plug and play and is easy to install. It can be a helping hand to assist the children of aging parents. Most children want to help their parents, but it is not always possible. They have jobs, tasks and huge workloads and kids of their own to attend to.

So, sometimes the aging parent has to travel alone. They often forget the way to their destination or are not watching their speed. Using a vehicle GPS tracker from TraksUs™, you will become more aware of what your parents driving habits are. You will receive text or email alerts if they are exceeding the speeds that you set, or traveling outside the zones that were pre-set for them, in real time, with their current location.

Driving and traveling is extremely beneficial for older people. It helps to keep their mind active, and give them a sense of independence as they approach their golden years.

Statistics shows that in 2012, there were about 36 millions licensed drivers aged 65 and older. But the risk of getting killed in a car accident also increases as we age. This amounts to 15  elderly adults killed, and 586 injured in crashes, on average, every day.

The aging parent may sometimes loose their grip from the steering wheel, or may accidentally step on the accelerator rather than the brake, causing disorientation and confusion.

Having a GPS vehicle tracking device from TraksUs™ in the car or truck is the answer. The device will send you text or email if the person goes beyond the speed you set, or if they are braking too hard. It also gives the vehicles location in real time, and shows the destinations that the vehicle has traveled to..

As with any person, young or elderly, driving habits seem to improve when we know we are being monitored. With a GPS tracking device from TraksUs™,your elderly parent will be more conscious of their driving habits and will appreciate that someone cares enough to make sure that their security is the number one priority.

A car tracking device from TraksUS™ collects data about important driving habits that your parents are engaged in. It also analyzes the data, and over time, records the persons regular driving routine. The device also records and analyzes unusual activities, like speeding, harsh breaking or overly rapid acceleration. By analyzing this data, you can take the necessary steps to correct the driving issues that you are most concerned with.

TraksUS™ vehicle tracking system also displays some important issues about the vehicle, which your parents may often forget. A maintainable schedule reminder is also provided. Oil changes,tire rotation, renewing driving license and more customized reminder, helps you to improve your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Our unique web based application allows you to monitor your parents from your residence, office or wherever you are. You can accompany them without actually being there.

DTS TraksUS™ specializes in GPS tracking systems for fleet management, including your own small family fleet. From your new teenager driver to your elderly parents- TraksUS™ can help keep your family safe on the road.

Our GPS devices include reports and alerts to encourage safe driving habits
Driving Logs and Mileage Reports – Where, When and How Long
Speed Monitoring, Acceleration and Braking Alerts
Driver’s Scorecard (online charts)
Easy ‘No-Go’ Zones and Regions
Off-limit Location Alerts
Vehicle Ignition / Movement Alerts
Vehicle Health Monitoring (Oil Changes, RPM, MPG and more)
On-board diagnostics- know the problem & tell your mechanic
6 month history play back
Monitor vehicles from the convenience of your phone or mobile device
Track anyone, anywhere, anytime with our vehicle tracking and fleet management mobile application