New_Car_LotFleet Tracking

Fleet managers worldwide know the importance of fleet tracking. What is fleet tracking and why is it so important to your business? To ensure that your drivers perform as expected, and boost their productivity, you, therefore, need a firm grasp on the big picture. A GPS fleet tracking system from TraksUS™ allows you to securely monitor the activity of your business vehicles, and much more.


An Insight on Fleet GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices have become a valuable tool for those who need to oversee or document the activities of their fleet. In some cases, these devices provide enough information for you to act upon, in the event of employee misconduct. Overall, the report a GPS fleet tracker gives you can set positive trends for employees and management alike to follow.

Functions of Fleet GPS Tracking

Depending on the features you want to opt for, as well as the device, here are just a few examples of the actions a GPS tracking device from TraksUS™ can provide:

  • Measure real-time speed of the vehicle
  • Re-routing, due to accident or detour
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles
  • Monitor for unauthorized use
  • Cut excess idling and downtime
  • Immediate information on vehicle location
  • Receive tracking information from any internet enabled computer or cell phone

Direct Benefits of Fleet Tracking

The benefits of a GPS tracking device installed in your fleet vehicles are plentiful, and the results are usually immediate. Below are just a few examples of the assets a GPS tracking device can provide:

  • Reduce fuel consumption as a result of excess vehicle idling, or unsafe drivers’ habits like speeding.
  • Safely re-route vehicles, in the case of accidents or detours.
  • Know where your vehicles are precisely located, at any time.
  • Manage vehicle maintenance by creating alerts based on mileage, time, or engine hours, substantially reducing excess wear and tear on fleet vehicles.
  • Remote ODB saves time and money.
  • Locate lost or stolen vehicles or other assets with exact location details.
  • Reduce insurance cost, as many providers give discounted premiums to vehicles equipped with GPS tracking devices.
  • Provide your customers with accurate delivery times.
  • Minimize operating expenses and overhead cost.
  • Reduce driver’s paperwork with software designed to increase the accuracy of your records.
  • Set safe driver trends as your driver adjust to the information the GPS tracking device provides.

Three Things to Remember While Selecting a Fleet Tracker

When selecting a GPS fleet tracking company for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The number of vehicles in your fleet.
  1. The amount of money your company wants to spend on vehicle devices and monthly fees.
  1. The information you need on your fleet to properly eliminate excess waste of company funds.

Once you get all the information related to the above three questions, it is easy for you to find the system that caters best to your business needs. Get the most out of maximizing your profits and dispatching a safe and efficient fleet.