smalll gps fleetFleet tracking system – why this is extremely important today

Let’s face it. Today’s tough economic times are affecting businesses all over the world.  You may wonder if a fleet tracking system is the way to improve  your companies efficiency.

Trucking organizations are one of the hardest hit. Competition is high, and profits are low. Give your company a more efficient advantage with a GPS fleet tracking system from TraksUS™. Help your fleet run more efficiently and at the same time save you a substantial amount of money.

The GPS Tracking System was the brainchild of the U.S military. They found that this was an extremely effective tool when planning military strategies. Today’s modern GPS tracking systems have more features for easy navigation, points of interest and overall vehicle maintenance. Today’s modern vehicles are coming off the factory lines equipped with GPS systems, as well as smart phones and tablets. Listed below are some advantages of a GPS fleet tracking system.

Tracking the most efficient routes:

Having a GPS fleet tracking system, you can easily reduce your fuel cost by planning which route is best for your delivery, and avoiding detours and traffic jams. With an assortment of information in the palm of your hand, you can easily make last minute route changes, or call the driver back in the event of a cancellation. When activity is especially brisk, maintaining a strategic distance from delivery to zone at peak traffic hours can affect the primary concern. Fleet tracking information can be utilized if you have any appointment or quick delivery.

Making the exact estimation

Fleet tracking should be utilized in making sure your employees are complying with company standards. Reduce speeding, excess idling and unauthorized downtime with a GPS fleet tracking system from TraksUS™. Many companies prohibit the unauthorized use of company vehicles, and this type of tracking system is very effective in efficiently ensuring compliance. It can provide you the accurate data that you need to easily make the exact estimation about fleet management.

Tracking vehicle idle time:

If the driver leaves his truck idling unnecessarily, excess fuel is used. This is an obvious waste of company money. A GPS fleet tracking system from TraksUS™ easily displays the information needed to stop these wasteful practices.

Tracking vehicle speed:

Today, many drivers feel the crunch associated with making deliveries on time. Many drivers feel the urge to drive at excessive speeds, wasting fuel and company money. When a driver knows his vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking system, the temptation to “speed up” is diminished, greatly reducing traffic tickets and accidents, eventually leading to lower insurance rates.

So as suggested by the experts, a GPS fleet tracking system is an important tool for your company, benefiting management and employees alike. Improve customer service and save money with a GPS fleet tracking system from TraksUS™. As soon as you decide that your business will benefit from a GPS fleet tracking system, you are on the path to saving time, money, and resources, and assuring your employees and customers a safe, efficient transaction. Other benefits from our fleet-gps-tracking-devices are here.