Cleaning Companies Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction with TraksUS™

TraksUS is much more than a GPS tracking system.  We provide a full set of telematics and driving reports, including vehicle maintenance, driving alerts, real-time traffic incidents … and more.

TraksUS provides Named Location matching (customer locations), SMS/Email messaging and dispatch routing assistance.  This makes tracking dispatches as simple as clicking a driver name, or clicking a location on the map to immediately identify the nearest team / driver.

TraksUS also provides Zone and vehicle management alerts (Ignition On, Speeding, Zone Violations, etc) which keep you informed about the state and location of every vehicle in your fleet.   These features reduce your workload, decrease billing problems, and automate timekeeping to help manage not only your vehicle fleet, but your entire field service business.  TraksUS gives you the information you need to manage more effectively, with less effort – while eliminating guesswork and increasing customer satisfaction.

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TraksUS will save you money!

Here are just a few of the benefits TraksUS brings to your Cleaning Service:

  • Vehicle Driving History – map tracks with ‘breadcrumbs’ and up-to-date mileage, with stops.
  • Daily and Weekly Driving Reports, with addresses and Customer Names.
  • Arrival and Departure Logs help automate employee Timekeeping and Customer Billing.
  • Dispatch Reports, including all stops and addresses. (Includes idle time)
  • Vehicle maintenance status and Check Engine alerts, including Oil Change reminders, and harsh driving alerts and statistics. Save money on fuel, repairs while decreasing liability.
  • Zone Management with Stay Inside (Inclusion) and Stay Outside (Exclusion) zones, with Text and / or email alerts. Notifies you when a vehicle enters or leaves a zone.
  • Share Map with Customers / Clients – allows them to view the team, and plan accordingly.
  • Alert system allows multiple recipients, via SMS (Text Message) and / or email.
  • Driver Grading System. See how each driver is performing over time.  Helps promote good driving habits, while decreasing costs and liability.  Braking, acceleration, high-speeds are monitored continuously.  Engine RPM, fuel levels, and MPG is available on OBD models.
  • Dispatch assistance – creates a record for each dispatched vehicle, and tracks the progress until the vehicle arrives at the pick-up or destination. Whether a dispatch succeeds or fails, you are notified.
  • Eliminates billing and payment disputes. All times and locations (arrivals and departures) are logged.  Reports and Historical Tracks help validate when and where your employees have been throughout the work day.
  • Helps plan driver routes to avoid traffic incidents, road-hazards and decrease driving times.
  • Prevents Loss and assists in recovery of stolen vehicles / assets.
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