Fleet GPS Tracking

Whether you’re monitoring a  location, or sending a message to your driver, A fleet GPS tracking system from TraksUS gives you around the clock access to your company vehicles and their drivers.

Many businesses today depend directly on the vehicles in their fleet, and the drivers driving them. It sometimes becomes difficult to earn the profit you deserve because of the many factors which affect the delivery, as well as the expense of maintaining the vehicles. Today’s advanced technology has been an essential part of almost all types of businesses. A business that dispatches and delivers day and night has the advantage of a fleet tracking system, with GPS technology.

Benefits of Fleet GPS Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for fleet managers and organizations which depend on the drivers for transporting their goods and want to maximize their profit, by reducing the cost of the vehicle maintenance. GPS fleet tracking comes with the following advantages:

  1. A GPS Fleet Tracking Device gives you the Real-time Updates of the Location of your Vehicle.

Knowing where your vehicles are located at any given time is a real advantage in fleet management. Are they on time and on the correct route? Are there traffic issues ahead? Will the product be delivered when promised? A fleet tracking device is helpful in pursuit to such situations, as it lets you know the status of your vehicle making the delivery.

  1. It Measures the Speed of the Vehicle and Updates you on Issues Concerning Safety.

If your fleet vehicle is involved in an accident or has a sudden breakdown, get all the information you need to assess with a fleet tracking device from TraksUS™. A GPS fleet tracking device will enable you to receive information on driver negligence, such as over speeding, or vehicle maintenance, such as engine failure.

  1. It informs when the Engine is Turned off or on.

Quickly access details of fuel consumption, acceleration and heavy breaking with a fleet tracking device from TraksUS™.With the help of this instrument, you have a minute to minute details of ignition starts and stops, saving you money on unnecessary emissions and fuel misuse.

  1. It Reduces the Vehicle’s Wear and Tear.

You can access detailed vehicle information in the palm of your hand, with a fleet tracking device from TraksUS™.  Reduce wear and tear by keeping track of your driver’s routine. Excess speed not only increases fuel consumption but also reduces engine efficiency over time. Get your vehicles serviced and inspected on time, saving your company money. Immediately access details of your fleet with a hassle-free fleet tracking the device from TraksUS™.

  1. It Provides Theft Protection.

Take the worry out of vehicle security with a fleet tracking device from TraksUS™. With our anti-theft feature, you have access to your vehicles location any time of day or night. Be alerted when your vehicle is in unfamiliar territory or on an unplanned route, and easily get them back on track.

  1. It helps in Timely Dispatch and Deliveries.

Costly delays will not be an issue with a fleet tracking device from TraksUS™. Take control of your fleet when there is an accident or detour, and safely re-route them, saving valuable time and assuring your delivery in the time promised.