tracking the fleetThe advantages of fleet GPS tracking devices for businesses from TraksUS™

There are countless advantages of getting fleet GPS tracking devices for your company vehicles. From increased fuel savings to driver safety, a TraksUS™ fleet tracking device will offer immediate results. With TraksUS™ you get access and control to track and manage your entire fleet with ease.

TraksUS™ offers GPS tracking devices and services with unsurpassed customer service and low prices.


We will beat any price that you find for equal service. Even after you become a TraksUS™ customer, if you find a less expensive monthly rate, we will lower your rate, below the one you’ve found.

Some other benefits associated with TraksUS™ fleet GPS tracking devices are:
  1. Reduced fuel costs: One of the best parts about a TraksUS™ fleet tracking device lies in the fact that they give the owner the ability to observe every vehicle at all times and calculate the vehicle’s individual fuel consumption; This will remove the cost incurring factors such as speeding, hard braking/acceleration, excessive vehicle idling, route optimization and any kind of unethical usage.
  2. Operational costs reduced: Using our GPS tracking devices, the fleet managers can easily track the drivers taking longer routes, or when they are trying to use the vehicle for any other purpose other than for work. At the end of the day, these facts can help the managers determine truth from fact regarding what their drivers say.
  3. Improved safety: Safety and security are always of great importance and a TraksUS™ fleet tracking device leads the driver to follow more safe and responsible practices. This also helps the fleet manager know where the vehicle is located, in case of emergencies such as a flat tire or an engine problem.
  4. Safety measures in thefts: In case of a vehicle theft, a TraksUS™ GPS fleet tracking device is on duty. Our GPS tracking system will alert you to your vehicles location, with custom alerts and precise map data, allowing for quick recovery and minimal downtime.
  5. Increase in overall productivity: Our fleet GPS tracking device not only helps in the above mentioned conditions, but also helps in managing the working hours and productivity of every driver. This is mostly due to the fact that at any given time the fleet managers are aware of the driver’s location and hours of work put in, and thus would be able to utilize the best of their time improving the productivity levels!