Are the devices easy to install?

Yes! The OBD II model (TR-2060G) requires no wiring. Just plug it in, and it works. The other models do involve some wiring, or you can connect them to the cigarette lighter, fuse box, or even discretely under the hood. Connecting to the fuse box usually takes less than 30 minutes total because it is only 2 or 3 wires. Our technicians can walk you through the process over the phone in a few minutes.

What do I need to hook it up?

For the plug-in OBD II version (Model TR-2060G), the unit simply plugs into a port under the dash. The 3-wire models require electrical tape and possibly a screwdriver and wire clipper. Diagrams are included and tech support is free.

How does the software work?

The tracking program is web-based, so all you need is a browser. Go to the web site and log in with the ID provided in your welcome email. It is no different than logging on to your bank account or other secure web site.

What type of map software is used?

We use Microsoft Bing Maps, which includes live traffic and aerial views.

Can I see the map on my phone?

Yes, but you must use a web browser such as Chrome, etc.

Can we share our software?

Yes. The TraksUS ™ tracking software is web-based, so anyone with your ID and password can see your activity. We recommend that you exercise care in sharing this information, since that person will have access to your information and can make changes, etc. that might result in the loss of vital information.

Can I move the device from one car to another?

Yes. The plug-in version (TR-2060G) can be switched in minutes. The other devices must be re-wired. You can use theTR-2060G in any vehicle you choose, and change it as often as you like. There is no fee for moving the units between different vehicles.

How quickly does it update?

Starts and stops are displayed in about 10 seconds or less. Updates while moving are recorded and updated at 60 second intervals. There is no faster service available in this price range. There are a few high-end models on the market that use satellites for direct communication, but we have found that updates at intervals of less than 60 seconds are a waste of money for our clients in most cases. If you do require faster updates, feel free to contact us to learn about other options.

Can a TraksUS device tell me when my child is speeding?

Yes. The alert manager allows you to set speed limits for certain days or times, or all the time, etc. You can be notified by text message or email (or both).

Can the program tell me when my employees leave a certain area?

Yes. The alert manager allows you to set geographical alerts for regions that you can draw on the map. You can be notified by text message or email (or both) if the zone rules are violated.

Can it tell me if people are idle too long?

Yes, there is a long-idle event that can be set up in the alert manager.

How long will it take me to get one?

We normally ship within 24 hours, and we use USPS Priority Mail. 2-3 days is typical from the time you place the order. We provide USPS tracking numbers.

What else comes with the unit?

All devices come with an Installation Guide. The wired units include a wiring harness that you can plug into a fuse box or other power source. We also provide credentials for accessing the TraksUS Web application.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts to purchasers of 5 or more units. Deep discounts are available to larger fleets. Please contact us directly if you have more than 5 vehicles, and we will work with you to keep your costs down.

Are there any contracts to sign?

No. We require no monthly service contact. You may cancel any-time and you will not be billed for the next month. We do require that you agree to our terms of service at the time of sale, but that is a very basic agreement that says you agree to the monthly service fee, and we agree not to disclose your information, etc.

Is there any fee or penalty for late payment?

No. We can arrange for direct draft from your account if you choose that option. Invoices are sent electronically every 30 days, and if you like we can also send a text (SMS) reminder to your phone. If your account remains unpaid for more than 10 days, it may be suspended.

What happens if I want to disconnect the device?

You can remove the device from your vehicle at any time without incurring fees. You will need to contact us if you would like to cancel your service, so that we know when to stop our billing process.

Where is your tech support located?

In Texas, USA. We have offices in Houston, San Antonio and soon in Austin as well. We have account reps across the region, so if you need Enterprise Level services, please contact us and we can arrange to have someone assist you personally.

What does made in the USA mean?

Our entire service is Made in the USA. It is true that some of the components inside the units are made in other countries, and assembled here. (Many chips simply aren’t available in the US.) Our software which is what makes our system work is 100% Made in the USA. Our tech support and staff are all located in the USA, which means that we outsource 0% of our business. We believe that is good for our customers, our company, and America in general.

Does a TraksUS device tell me when to change my oil?

Yes! Our web apps include a free maintenance module which includes driving statistics and vehicle monitoring in real-time. Many vehicle parameters can now be monitored, from battery voltage, engine codes, RPM, oil changes, driving habits, etc. Our software is web-based, and we are continually upgrading features. We can also provide your company with a custom version of the TraksUS application. Call us at 866-933-3219 anytime for more information.  We specialize in mobile workforce automation.

Does your service work in other countries?

Our service area currently includes the US and Canada with no additional roaming charges. If you would require a device that can operate in Mexico, South merica or Europe, please contact us, and we can give you pricing for those regions.